The Association

The Petts Wood and District Residents’ Association was formed on 20th November 1929 to: “Promote a sound economy in the parochial expenditure and establishment of a just and equal assessment and for the general interest, betterment and improvement of those residing at Petts Wood.”

During the war years the Association was dormant and became active again in 1950, holding its first committee meeting on 26th June that year.


Today the Petts Wood and District Residents’ Association is one of the largest and most active in the London Borough of Bromley and its aims are:

  • To conserve and develop the amenities of Petts Wood

  • To promote an active interest in the community and local government

  • To generally promote or pursue the development and enhancement of the local community for the benefit of the residents


Membership now stands at over 3,200 households and each one receives a monthly copy of ‘The Gazette’ containing items of local interest and stories, events and letters.

1929 – 1950

Much of the Association’s early work involved getting Orpington Rural District Council to make up the roads, install street lighting, plant trees, etc replacing the mud and puddles that Petts Wood was famous for up until then.


1950 – 1960

Campaigning for a tunnel into the woods after a fatal accident on the railway crossing in Hazelmere Road.


1973 – 1974

Fighting planning permission for houses on 139 acres of Sparrow Wood, Roundabout Wood and Crofton Heath and on 167 acres near Crest View Drive. This land was finally acquired by Bromley Council to become Jubilee Country Park.


1973 – 1986

Covet Wood was the subject of planning applications and public inquiries for housing, strongly opposed by the Association. Bromley Council finally bought the land.


1991 – 1995

With support from English Heritage the Association launched a campaign to have Station Square designated a Conservation Area, which was finally achieved.



This was our 75th anniversary year and we successfully persuaded Bromley Council and the Royal Mail to put the Petts Wood name back on their address database, giving us back our unique identity.

We commissioned two playground sundials, one in the Willett Recreation Ground and one in the Petts Wood Recreation Ground.

We lobbied hard against a reduction in services proposed in the 2004 Strategic Rail Authority consultation document.


Present day activities

We continue to campaign to preserve our environment by ensuring that development at Biggin Hill Airport is restricted to business flying, private aircraft and flight training in accordance with its operating lease with the London Borough of Bromley.


We continue to oppose the numerous applications for telecommunications masts in Green Belt or Conservation areas.


We remain concerned about the loss of retail outlets and diversity in the Petts Wood shopping centres and have opposed a number of planning applications for change of use from retail shops. We work closely with the Petts Wood Business Association and Bromley’s Town Centre unit.


We consider very carefully all applications for ‘back garden’ development and opposed those which we believe are against the interests of the general environment.


We remain paramount in the fight against graffiti and litter, being the first Residents’ Association in Bromley to organise its own volunteers to tackle the problem.


We constantly fight for a higher level of local policing (although the overall level of crime in the area remains low) and we are represented on the Safer Neighbourhood police panel.


We continue to lobby the Council to improve the parking facilities for residents, shoppers and commuters and at the same time improve road safety facilities.


We continue to work on addressing the problem of finding secondary school places for our local children.


We are constantly monitoring local health and dental services, including the Princess Royal University Hospital in order to improve facilities for all local residents.


We maintain regular contact with train and bus operators as many of our residents commute daily and even more use public transport for shopping or leisure.


We maintain close working contacts with the Council on many matters ranging from the state of footpaths and roads, the maintenance of verges and open spaces through to the emptying of litterbins and street cleaning.


In order to remain effective, we maintain close working relationships with our 3 local Ward Councillors, many Council officers, our local MP’s and our GLA Member.