Planning is one of the most contentious issues within Petts Wood. As you will see from the history of our activities in ‘Association’ local developers have for years been trying to take land in Petts Wood for residential housing. In recent years government pressure has increased on Bromley council to build more houses, so our fight on this front continues.


The Residents’ Association actively monitors and considers all planning applications which are received by Bromley council for Petts Wood. Subject to majority approval by our Committee we will send in written objections to any applications we feel will damage the area’s character. Naturally, we pay particular attention to applications in our Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Residential Character.


The Association receives many enquiries from members about such matters as:

  • how to apply for planning permission for an extension, etc

  • how to find out generally what is allowed under Bromley planning rules

  • how to object to planning applications by others

  • how to resolve boundary or party wall disputes

  • how to see what planning applications Bromley have on their books

  • how to apply for tree preservation orders

  • how to ask a question at a Council planning meeting

  • how to organise representation at a planning appeal hearing


We do our best to help our members to navigate their way through Bromley’s planning processes and give general advice on any planning matters as best we can.


Bromley produce a large range of leaflets explaining these matters and we always refer our members to these. Often we also advise our members to seek professional help on these matters.


It is our policy never to involve ourselves in neighbour-to-neighbour planning disputes so we actively encourage all members to consult their neighbours on planning matters preferably before they become contentious and to treat their neighbours as they would expect to be treated themselves.


Where we feel it is appropriate (eg where a developer wants to build in a back garden) we offer our full support to members’ campaigns / action groups on specific planning issues.