Change to Bus Route R7

Public Transport Representative

5 Aug 2022

Local Bus Route Alteration

Bus Route R7 runs between Chislehurst and Chelsfield Village.

From Chelsfield village to Chislehurst the route has been changed; buses now travel via Church Road and then back into Court Road at the cross road near Chelsfield church.

As a consequence, buses no longer use the longer one-way route via Maypole Lane to the Bo Peep public house, Hewitts lane, Hewitts roundabout and southern section of Court Road.

PWDRA are enquiring about the change with TfL.

A note of caution. At the time of writing the TfL website shows an updated timetable and list of stops, but the R7 map in the Chislehurst direction still shows the old route.