Legal: E-Scooters within Bromley

Transport Associate

3 Dec 2021

E-Scooters, Christmas and their legal status for use within Bromley

The London Borough of Bromley has published an article on E-Scooters relating to our borough and their usage.

Excerpt from the article with the full link below.
"In addition to safety concerns, riding an e-scooter on the borough’s roads and footpaths is illegal, with the rules also applying to all other public spaces across the borough, including parks and greenspaces.

The public protection warning comes following increased public concerns along with an increase in police action to seize e-scooters. Anyone caught riding an e-scooter is likely to be committing at least one offence, which could lead to a fixed penalty of £300 and up to six points on the offender’s driving licence."

Further information below.