PWDRA: Annual General Meeting - Held.


23 Mar 2022

8pm, Petts Wood Memorial Hall. Refreshments provided.


The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held in the Petts Wood Memorial Hall on
Wednesday 23rd March 2022 from 7.40pm for an 8pm start.

Please note that we do not have access to the hall until 7.30pm, when we will be starting to prepare for the meeting.

All Members are invited to attend and your support will be much appreciated by the Committee.
Please bring a copy of the PWDRA Gazette with you to the meeting.
The formal business will end around 9.30pm.

REFRESHMENTS will be provided

1. Minutes of the 2019 AGM and the 2021 EGM (copies will be available at the meeting or on the website)

2. Chairman’s Annual Report

3. Treasurer’s Report and re-election of the Auditor

4. Amendment to Rule 18 of the Constitution
The sentences in italics should be added as follows:
“The Committee shall meet at regular intervals, to be agreed from time to time, to
conduct the business of the Association. Each Committee member shall be required to
attend a minimum of one third of the meetings held in a given year. Should any member
fail to achieve this minimum requirement, the Committee shall have the power to require
said member to resign, unless a simple majority vote decides there are exceptional
circumstances. Such a vote will not be allowed for a second consecutive year. At a
Committee meeting a quorum will consist of 7 members of the Committee.”

5. Question and answer session – put your points and views to the committee, your local
MP, ward councillors and police

Details of the Financial Accounts for 2021 are available for download via site here.

Janet Guntrip
Hon. Secretary
February 2022