Conservation Areas

Petts Wood has a number of designations including Conservation Areas, the Area of Special Residential Character (ASRC) and four Article 4 Directions. 

The first conservation area to be designated was The Chenies, put in place in 1982. Then Chislehurst Road and part of Birchwood Road followed in 1989. Finally, Station Square was designated in 1995. 


The ASRC has been in place since 1994. 

Article 4 Directions are put in place when an area’s character is perceived as being threatened from certain types of development. For Petts Wood the following Article 4 Directions are in place:

  • The Chenies (covering alterations to the front roof slope dated February 2012)

  • Station Square (covering enclosure of shop forecourts dated June 2016) 

  • Petts Wood ASRC and Conservation Areas (covering enclosure of front gardens dated March 2016) 

  • Petts Wood ASRC (covering changes to front roof slopes dated January 2018). 


Some residents seem to be unaware of these directions and carry out alterations to their properties which can then fall foul of these directions. An Article 4 Direction requires a planning application to be submitted as the works, indicated in brackets above, cannot be completed under permitted development.

Bromley Council has placed a number of additional Article 4 Directions and these will be confirmed over the next few months. For Petts Wood, these new Article 4 Directions include those for upward extensions(adding additional storeys).

Bromley Council Conservation Area website - interactive map:

The new and extensions to existing Conservation Areas can be viewed on an interactive map here.

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