Open Road Steward Positions

The Association delivers over 3000 Gazettes each month by our volunteer Road Stewards.


Was your New Year's Resolution to get involved in the community? 

Well, we are looking for more Road Stewards and Distributors. 


Okay, so what does a Road Steward do then ?
A Road Steward distributes The Gazette monthly to the members on their round and collects the subscriptions once a year. The position is for volunteers within our association, and is unpaid (Thank you to our volunteers who are part of the backbone of the PWDRA). Further details on responsibilities available here.

What about the Distributors, what do they do ?

A Distributor gets a bundle of The Gazette and delivers them to a few nearby Road Stewards.

We have one position currently available to deliver to road stewards in Hawthorn Close, Maple Close, Crossway, Wood Ride and Petts Wood Road.

We have moved some of our rounds around so are looking for a volunteer for the following rounds as detailed below. Please either use the "Apply here" button below, or simply email: 

Thank you kindly.

1 Open Position

Position 1: Shepperton & Transmere Road

Position 2: Tudor Way, Acacia Close,

Position 3: Towncourt Lane & Bushey Avenue

Position 4: Tandridge Drive

Position 5: Hawthorn Close, Maple Close

For open positions in close proximity, it is possible for a person to include that as part of their round if they are happy.

All positions are for volunteers and are unpaid.

We kindly thank all our volunteers.