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BHA: Biggin Hill Airport Noise Action Plan Review

PWDRA Biggin Hill Airport Representative

15 Oct 2022

Meetings being held 18th & 19th October 2022

Two Bromley Council meetings that are scheduled shortly.

The meetings are being held to discuss and review the revised Biggin Hill Airport Noise Action Plan. This was originally discussed at Council meetings held in January this year.

Biggin Hill Airport (BHA) had prepared their Noise Action Plan (NAP), but this was rejected as it did not contain sufficient detail...hence the meetings next week.

The meetings are as follows:
- Tuesday 18 October 2022 (7:00pm) - Scrutiny Committee
- Wednesday 19 October 2022 (7:00pm) - Executive Committee

Both meeting will be held in the Council Chamber at the Bromley Civic Centre.

The Scrutiny Committee will discuss the documents provided by Council Officers and BHA. It will then make recommendations to be discussed at the Executive meeting.

PWDRA have several concerns regarding the content of the documentation provided.
Some of you would be aware undertakings, made in November 2015, when extended operating hours were granted to BHA, remain outstanding. On this occasion, several issues remain a concern. Flightpath Watch has prepared a helpful document for affected residents to use. The link to this is below.

If you are concerned about aircraft noise or too many planes flying over your property, please write to the Leader of Bromley Council, Cllr Colin Smith, copying in our councillors.

Also please try to attend the meetings at Bromley Council next week. It is only by showing our strength in numbers by writing and/or attending that we will have an impact upon any decision made.

Thank you in advance

Andrea Stevens
PWDRA BHA representative

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