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Community: PALS - PettsWoodians Against Litter

PWDRA - Community Liaison

26 Jan 2022

Monthly Community Litter Collection (10am, Last Sunday of each month - Meet at Station Square, next to JDM)

Question: When is it ?
Answer: 10am on the last Sunday of each month

Question: Where do we meeting ?
Answer: Station Square outside JDM.

Question: Can I just turn up without contacting Brian, or being on the WhatsApp Group ?
Answer: Yes, absolutely. People can though just turn up at the meeting point. Litter sticks are provided, (including children’s ones) hoops and sacks from Bromley Council and they will be supplied for people that turn up.

Question: Are children able to help ?
Answer: Absolutely, providing they are accompanied by an adult.

Question: How is the collection of rubbish organised ?
Answer: We will allocate areas to be litter picked to save duplication. The PWDRA (Brian) then arranges with the council for the rubbish sacks to be picked up (usually the next day).

Question: What is the Duration ?
Answer: Roughly 90 minutes, or as long as you can spare.

Question: How do I get involved ?
Answer: Please email

Question: Can I call Brian ?
Answer: Yes, his telephone number is on the back of the Gazette (not included on the website to avoid spammers contacting him)

Question: How often does this happen ?
Answer: Last Sunday of each month.

Are there one off litter collection drives ?
Yes, we may have one off’s following large events in Petts Wood such as Petts Wood Calling and the May Fayre. Details of this will be confirmed / arrange nearer these events.

Question: I hear there is a WhatsApp Group for this ?
Answer: Yes, there is. Reminders are sent out, and this WhatsApp Group is used should there be any changes to timing owing to last minute weather. Please contact Brian, and he will arrange for you to be added to the group.

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