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Legal: Work to Trees In Conservation Areas


2 Nov 2022

Conservation and Tree Preservation Orders

If you reside in one of the Petts Wood Conservation Areas, please bear in mind the following advice.

With conservation area status comes an obligation to notify the Council if you wish to undertake work on trees in your garden. Permission has to be sought from the Council if you wish to lop, prune or fell trees if your property is within a Conservation Area.The main reason for this is that local planning authorities have a duty to preserve or enhance the character or appearance of conservation areas as a whole.

Anyone wishing to cut down, uproot, top or lop a tree which is in a Conservation Area (even though it is not protected by a Tree Preservation Order) is required to give Bromley Council Tree Department 6 weeks written notice. This is called a section 211 notification and allows the council to consider protecting the tree. The written notice should give a description of the work proposed. There is no charge for submitting these tree works applications to Bromley Council as they are fee exempt.

There is a more detailed article about Conservation Areas on the PWDRA website.
Please see the following link:

For further information see the following link to the Planning Portal:

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