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Petts Wood Cricket Club

Petts Wood Cricket Club (PWCC) was established in 1943 and is still going strong. The home fixtures are played at the Willett Recreation Ground, Crossway. We still retain the minutes of the founding members first meeting held during the War period.

PWCC has a long history of League and friendly cricket. During the 1970s Kent County Cricket Club played two friendly fixtures against PWCC. Many of our members have played at a high standard, but all play to enjoy the game.

The Club currently run two teams every weekend throughout the summer. We have a competitive Saturday side that plays in the Kent Regional Cricket League and Sunday side that plays a wide range of friendly fixtures where having fun and enjoying playing the game is more important than the result. PWCC also organise spring net sessions and compete in a six-a-side winter indoor league.

PWCC is a small and friendly club and are always looking for new members aged 18 and over. So for anyone interested in playing cricket in the attractive surroundings at Willett Recreation Ground on a well prepared and cared for pitch, they should contact the club.

The club’s website is and there is a contact form on there where queries can be made and the club will reply.

The cricket pitch at Willett Recreation Ground is kept to a great standard as a local resource. It is also available for hire on a few dates in the summer. Please make any enquiries through the contact form on the website.

Richard Ward (Chairman)

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