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Nitrous Oxide Canisters - Safe Disposal

You may see dumped in the street (or as some residents have found dumped in their garden), two types of nitrous oxide gas cannisters.

- One type are small silver bullet shape

- and the other can be the size of a large hairspray can. (Please see picture attached)

Some residents have contacted us at the PWDRA asking what they should do with the cannisters if they find them. We have spoken to Bromley Council and they advise that the small cannisters can be placed in the green box as mixed recycling and put out for collection as usual.

However the large ones should not be.

The Council advise residents not to place these compressed nitrous oxide gas cannisters in with recycling or with the household waste for the collection teams to remove. This is because these type of cannisters are classed as hazardous waste and they should not be collected by a dustcart. They compact materials in the hopper, and is very much against safe working practices.

The Council advise that they will take them if found on the public highway as fly-tipping/litter so ask residents to report any that have been sighted on the public highway through ‘Fix My Street’ (just ‘google’ fix my street Bromley Council’ - it is easy to find) and Veolia street cleansing teams will remove them.

If residents find them in their road or on their property, and don’t have access to ‘Fix My Street’ they can call the Council’s Customer Service Centre on 0300 303 8658 and report it that way by speaking to a call agent stating it is for the attention of the Neighbourhood Management team.

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