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Storm Damage (February 2022)

Hopefully you didn’t personally suffer much damage in the February storms. Fortunately our local woods: National Trust, Crofton & Sparrow Woods and Jubilee Country Park seemed to have got off fairly lightly. Unlike the great Storm of 1987 when NT Petts Wood saw thousands of trees felled. Sam Pettman reported that damage Impact was not as bad as he had feared although still quite significant. “Approximately 30 trees lost, mostly silver birch. A couple of more significant losses though including my favourite tree, the veteran field maple, at Pond Wood.”

At Crofton & Sparrow Woods Jane Andrews said that “We have had trees down across the London Loop due to the first storm. There were four down during the second storm across the metalled path that runs north south along the east of the woods – which have been reported for clearance. The wind has taken down a good number of parts of ash trees that have been weakened by die back. The Woodland Work Party cleared a lot of branches from a secondary path. There is quite a lot of dead wood that has fallen but caught in other trees.”

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